Jul 17


Sometime in late 2012 Nils Dippon, Benni Pfeifer and myself decided to go on a trip to the southern part of the well known kayak paradise, called Norway. Most people who are visiting Norway with their whitewater kayak are heading more south to Voss, Rauma or Sjoa because in the main season the southern regions are running out of water. So we started early this year to catch some of the insane rivers in the south. So on may the 18th we packed our car and started our long journey from Munich to the north. It was an exhausting and long drive until we reached our ferry in Hirtshals/Denmark. It took us just four hours on the boat to reach Europe‘s whitewater paradise. Reaching Norway we‘ve been a little bit sad. It was raining like hell and we were just praying that it will stop soon. Luckily, as we woke up the next morning, we found blue sky, sun and not a single cloud at the sky. Yes, here we are! Let‘s check the first river. It took us another hour in the car until we reached a river, called the Skogsgåa. The river was pretty high, so we decided to run the lower part below the big drop. But wait: the drop looks pretty cool. So we ran that 40ft, almost vertical, slide as a warm up. As we got up late that day and spent a lot of time, taking photos and videos, we left our boats at the drop and were searching for a place to stay the night. We‘ve been so stoked to be here in Norway with sun and huge waterlevels.

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Jul 10

Hey Folks,

here is the German version of the Movie about our expedition to the most upper stretch of the Amazon in late 2012. The English version will follow as soon as we have got the translation finished. Be excited.

Abenteuer Amazonas from Flo Fischer on Vimeo.

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