Okt 10

Every year in autumn there is a big event, organized by the AKC (Alpine Kayak Club), called Rissbachfliegen – or in English “Rissbachflying”. Right at the border from Germany to Austria there is a short and impressive gorge of the river Rissbach which contains three drops. One 15ft. entry and two more with about 5ft. followed by very sticky holes.

This year it took place on September the 29th and there were round about 40 people watching, discussing, scouting and many of them finally running the gorge. For sure, safety is very important on an event like this. But the only possibility to get with your throwbag to the second drop is to go down on a rope into the gorge. So after a few runs we swopped positions and everybody was able to run it with well working safety.

Some people just did it one time, others paddled the whole day and made up to 18 descents. Since a few years, the record is 25 runs on one day. That’s quite a lot if you have to walk back to the put in every time.

Finally, it was a great and successful event with a few swims but without any injuries. I am already looking forward to next year, when the Rissbach calls again for flying as often as possible.

(Pictures by Florian Zaczek, Paddler: Flo Fischer)


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