Jul 17


Sometime in late 2012 Nils Dippon, Benni Pfeifer and myself decided to go on a trip to the southern part of the well known kayak paradise, called Norway. Most people who are visiting Norway with their whitewater kayak are heading more south to Voss, Rauma or Sjoa because in the main season the southern regions are running out of water. So we started early this year to catch some of the insane rivers in the south. So on may the 18th we packed our car and started our long journey from Munich to the north. It was an exhausting and long drive until we reached our ferry in Hirtshals/Denmark. It took us just four hours on the boat to reach Europe‘s whitewater paradise. Reaching Norway we‘ve been a little bit sad. It was raining like hell and we were just praying that it will stop soon. Luckily, as we woke up the next morning, we found blue sky, sun and not a single cloud at the sky. Yes, here we are! Let‘s check the first river. It took us another hour in the car until we reached a river, called the Skogsgåa. The river was pretty high, so we decided to run the lower part below the big drop. But wait: the drop looks pretty cool. So we ran that 40ft, almost vertical, slide as a warm up. As we got up late that day and spent a lot of time, taking photos and videos, we left our boats at the drop and were searching for a place to stay the night. We‘ve been so stoked to be here in Norway with sun and huge waterlevels.

The next morning we woke up with the same luck of weather. Sun and 23°C. The lower part of the Skogsgåa is starting pretty easy with a few big waves and huge holes until you can see the bridge at the take-out. There is just half a kilometre to go, but with all the difficulties we thought we‘ll find them upstream. We scouted uncountless huge holes and insane places for videoshots. Perfect start of the trip!

The following days we haven‘t been too lucky. We were scouting the Homerun at the Mår, the Gøyst, the Husevollelvi and finally the Austbygdåi. A lot of rain in the last weeks brought way too much water. So we decided to make some park‘n‘huck on the Spånemfossen on the upper Austbydåi with some English guys we met at the Homerun.

Some good friends told us to come to Voss, there should be perfect water levels. So we had to leave the place we came for really early and drove to Voss, where we expected to get back in our boats soon. In Voss we were more lucky and found some nice park‘n‘hucks, as well as some nice runnable rivers. The 30 footer at Jordalselvi took us many hours to get video shots an photos from different perspectives. Moneydrop was huge! And the lower section of the Strondelvi as well. Finally we found some small rivers which have been pretty insane with a bit more water. We paddles the Steinelvi, Brandsetelvi, Urdlandselvi and a small tributary to the upper Strondelvi, where we didn‘t know the name.

Just a few days of our two weeks trip are left and we were too lucky to find the double drop at Teigdalselvi at perfect water level, as we‘ve been there the third time within a few days. It started to rain, so it was a bit difficult to take photos and videos but it is an insane drop which you cannot find a second time.

On the long way back home we took another stop at the Mår and Nils decided to get himself on a big water run over the five waterfalls of the Homerun. It looked a bit scary but he made it! A perfect trip was over and we had to go back home, doing studies.

Next year Norway? Sure!!

Picture by Helga Lehner

kayaking Telemark & Voss 13 from nils dippon on Vimeo.

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