Feb 5

… was pretty amazing. Me and my friends spent a lot of time on the water in Peru, Norway and central Europe.

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Season 2012 wasn’t really over, when I took the plane to Cusco/Peru for a few months of good kayaking. Together with Nils Dippon, Pirmin Dlugosch and Sepp Cetincoepruelue we had the plan of a first descent of a so far unknown river in the middle of the Cordillera Raura, surrounded by many 6000m high mountains. Our first descent is called Rio Lauricocha and later Rio Maranon and is the biggest source river of the Rio Amazon. The whole story can be read on our expedition blog: http://kayak-peru.blogspot.de


We produced a movie about that expedition as well. So far, it is only german. We are still working on an english version. You can find our movie here: https://vimeo.com/66314443

After just a few weeks of winter and snow, we started our next trip to the kayak paradise of Europe: Norway. As it was really early in the year, we decided to run some rivers in the very south. Due to the early melt of the snow pack, we found to much water down there so we headed north in den region around Voss. While central and southern Europe drown in heavy rainfalls, we enjoyed insane whitewater, perfect waterlevels and sunny weather in Norway. Have a look at our short movie about that trip: https://vimeo.com/69358740


Due to an injury while rock climbing and many exams in university I had to spend the following months at home. In late summer and the whole autumn I’ve been back in my boat. I spent almost all my weekends together with my friends, kayaking perfect rivers in Germany and Austria. As the waterlevels dropped due to the beginning of winter, we went a last time to Oetzvalley/Austria for some low water runs, before we decided that it is time for a winter break.

Last season passed by to fast but I’m looking forward to another great season in 2014.


Pictures by Sepp Cetinköprülü and Helga Lehner

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