Apr 29

This year I spent my fourth time in my life on the island of Corsica for kayaking. When you load your car and start the long journey to the ferry docks, it is always a little bit unsure, if you’ll find good water levels there. You can find just a few online gauges, for everything other you have to study the snowpack, weather forecast and the temperatures in high altitudes, to get an idea if you’ll find some water or not.
This year we were lucky with both the weather and the water levels.


As usual, we started our trip through Corsica at the Tavignano River at “Camp Ernella”. This is a beautiful camp, where you meet a lot other paddlers and it’s easy to drive to some of the best rivers on the island. From here we paddled the Fium Orbo, a classic class 4 run with a handful harder rapids. Maybe it is a classic run because it is close to the camp? Or maybe it is a classic run because there are only clean and perfect shaped drops and rapids on the river? In my eyes, the second argument counts.
Very close to the camp there is also one of the best class 5 whitewater on the island. The Vecchio River. There is an upper section, which is very dangerous and difficult and a middle section, which is still difficult but less dangerous. This year we started on the middle section on clear green water over tons of beautiful clean drops. Really amazing!
As we heard from a couple of friends that there is water on the Codi River on the west coast of the island, we packed up our stuff and headed west. That was a good idea, because the Codi is a fun river with drop and pool kayaking with tons of drops up to 6 meters. The bad thing

of the choice: When we returned to the Vecchio again, the water dropped too much, so there wasn’t enough water left to paddle the upper part. But the Codi was worth the long drive. It is always great fun to be here. No dangerous undercuts or siphons, only fun drops! Perfect! After these amazing days of good kayaking the water levels started to drop and we had a few pretty cool days with lower water on some classic runs around the island like the Golo and the Travo. After some last runs on the Fium Orbo, we had to drive back to the ferry to start our long way back home for a few days, before we’ll start again to drive south to Ticino and Piemont in the Swiss and Italian Alps.







Pictures by Flo Fischer and Andreas Mandt

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